THE AGRICULTURAL COOPERATIVE OF RACHI PIERIA “AGIOS LOUKAS” maintain a state-of-the-art unit whose modern facilities ensure the preservation of the cherries fine quality and the excellent product standardization.

Hydrocooler: Hydrocooler has the ability to cool the cherries from the ambient temperature which they have when coming from the fields of the co-operation members to the facilities of the sorting factory to 20ο C έως 40ο C. The hydrocooler has a capacity of 4 tons/hour.
Refrigerators: Today there are 4 refrigerators, with capacity of 320 tons, which operate with glycol which is absolutely environmentally friendly. The glycol is cooled in the engine-room with the eco-Freon R507, while during next year, it is expected to be constructed two more refrigerators up to 250 tons.
Calibration machine: It has been installed in 2008 and it is actually electronic calibration-machine by the Australian company GP Graders. The calibration-machine is of 4 lines and has the ability to make electronic registration of cherries (with cameras) in size and color. The circulation of cherries in the line takes place with cold waters. In 2010 there was added a mechanical calibration-machine of the same company which increased the production rate from 2 to 4 ton per hour. This is how functions a standard and unique line in Greece and Europe that combines electronic and mechanical calibration machine with 14 outlets of products and 10 automatic weighing machines.
Strapping: The products after grading on size and color are placed on pallets that are tied to the automatic strapping and then forwarded to refrigerators with electric pallet trucks and forklifts.