Regarding cultivation, production, standardization, and marketing of the “AGIOS LOUKAS” Cooperative cherries, which are marketed under the brand name “CHERRIES OF RACHI OLYMPUS”, the policy of the Cooperative is to show full respect to the producer as well as to the consumer and the environment. The cultivation of cherries is controlled by the cooperation and the cultivation cares and sprays with nutrition are performed after the advice of the supervisor agronomist and technical consultant, who in cooperation with the Administrative Council and the producer-members propose and implement the best solutions for crop protection and nutrition of cherries. The formulations are supplied by the cooperative as a whole their disposal to the members takes place via sms to qualify each application at the appropriate time, with appropriate weather conditions and appropriate preparation.


Each year old trees are replaced by new ones, according to plans, while new cultivars are also planted (e.g. Sweet Early, Burlat, C1, Early Star, Grace Star, Black Star, Crunchy Vasileiades, Lapins, Ferrovia and Sweet Heart). These cultivars are distinguished for their quality characteristics and increased yield.