FruiTop Dubai, UAE 2019

April 27, 2021

As it is written for Greece in UAE, in the Mediterranean, the southern edge of Europe, where the sea washes the lacy coasts and the wild mountains cast their shadow over fertile fields, the climate favours the production and growth of fruit in the most natural way and under ideal conditions. Today Mediterranean countries and particularly Greece constitute one of the largest producers of quality fruits which are exported around the world.

A.C. Rachis Pierias “O AGIOS LOUKAS” has attended FruiTop in Dubai obtaioning vety good impression.






Sival Angers, France 2018

Sival Angers, France 2018

SIVAL, the privileged venue for the professionals of the fruit and vegetable industry. SALON SIVAL ANGERS is the only French exhibition with such an efficient...

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