February 17, 2023

AGROTIKOS SYNETAIRISMOS KOINIS GEORGIKIS EKMETALLEUSIS O AGIOS LOUKAS RACHIS PIERIAS is the Coordinator of the multiprogramme 101095344 – ΕU Fresh Fruit Gift submitted for financing on April 2022 in the frame of Reg (EU) 1144/2014, Reg (EU) 2015/1829 and 2015/1831 and of the Call for Proposals AGRIP-MULTI-2022 in partnership with ASOCIATIA PRODUCATORILOR DE FRUCTE DIN SUD FRUCTPROD of total budget EUR 3,943,884 for the promotion of fresh fruits (cherries and blueberries) in third countries United Kingdom (UK), India and United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The multiprogram was approved for financing according to Ref. Ares(2022) 8461107 – 06/12/2022 letter of the European Commission with starting date the 01.01.2023 and duration 36 months.

For the implementation of the actions of the prοject with total estimated value EUR 3,379,540, Coordinator is launching an Open Call for Proposals for the selection of implementing body (ies) with award criteria the most economically advantageous tender. The project is divided in two (2) LOTS and tenders should be for all LOTS.

Deadline for submission of tenders is March 10th 2023, 13:00 and place of submission of tenders is the premises of Coordinator (Rachi Pierias,  Katerini 60100). The opening of tenders will take place after the deadline of submitting tenders at the premises of Coordinator.

Tender Specification is available free of charge by email to Contact person: Mr. Dimitrios Ntouros. Terms and participation conditions, rules for submitting tender and description of the procedure and of project’s actions are included in the Tender Specifications. The validity of tenders will be for two (2) months starting from the deadline of submission.