Fruit 24 – External Evaluator

July 11, 2023


APO CONERPO SCA – with registered office in Via Tosarelli 155 40055 Castenaso (BO), VAT no. 01788291209 and AGROTIKOS SYNETAIRISMOS KOINIS GEORGIKIS EKMETALLEUSIS O AGIOS LOUKAS RACHIS PIERIAS (partner) located in RACHI PIERIAS, KATERINI 60100, Greece,  as beneficiaries of the three-year programme “Fruit24: It is always the right time to eat fruit and vegetables!” – ACRONYM “Fruit24” Project number: 101095465 BACKGROUND – in accordance with the reference articles Reg. (EU) No.1144/2014 and Delegated Reg. (EU) No.1829/2015,

they select

by means of an Open Competitive Procedure, an independent evaluation body within the framework of the three-year ‘Fruit24’ programme, which will take place in the following countries: Italy, Germany, France, Greece and Spain, and will be aimed at agribusiness operators and opinion leaders as well as responsible purchasing consumers. The programme will cover fruit and vegetables.

Companies/agencies interested in submitting an offer may request further information from


TOTAL SHARE BUDGET EUR 42,000 (excluding VAT)

Deadline for receipt of offers Date: 4/8/2023 Local time: 12.00

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